Jean vs Eren’s childhood.



So like in the OVA we have cute baby Jean like:

image"Yaaaaaaaay!!! omelette!!"

And then we have his mom comforting him like:

image"Awww it’s okay honeyyy"


And meanwhile Eren is like:

imageDIE! DIE! This is what you deserve!


Don’t ever get up again!!


I feel like mental instability is the norm for that society.

(via seija-tachi)

  • touka: gourmet is an incredibly dangerous ghoul so dont get close to him okay
  • kaneki: haha ok
  • kaneki:
  • kaneki:
  • kaneki: goes on several Hot Dates with gourmet and almost gets eaten alive by him
  • touka:
  • touka:
  • touka:
  • touka: what the FUCK did i tell you