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1. If you had to live the rest of your life wearing one costume/cosplay everyday, which would you choose?

Probably Traflagar Laws Dressrosa outfit…bc awesome..and not to cold in the winter(probably) and not to hot in summer.(ofc together with tattoos but probably other ones than the ones he has xD)

2. What would you change about your personality if you just could?

Good question…i don’t know…i always thought that my personality is actually quite decent…i’m a generally nice and patient person but well..if you get on my bad side you don’t come back and you probably won’t like me anymore if you do…but that’s really really hard so…
although i’m inappropriate sometimes and i can be quite annoying and self conscious…like really really really self conscious…but i guess the thing i’d like to change the most is that i wouldn’t worry sooo damn freaking much about everything…
(if you can count all that under personality ofc)

3. What are your absolute deal-breakers with potential partners?

Don’t have many…if i like someone I like them, period. I absolutely hate lying because if I catch you even if I don’t actually care about the stuff you lied about, i won’t get it out of my head for a long time and always question if something you told me is the truth…little paranoid on my part I know….oh and you gotta like dogs..or at least tolerate them..because…well..i got a couple xD
oh and you should be comfortable with silence beacuse i generally don’t talk that much..not like nothing at all but there are time where i just don’t have anything to say so getting annoyed when that happens will get you out the door pretty fast xD

4. If you could be living in one of your favorite Anime/Series/Movies/Book/Game’s world with any relationship to the characters that you wish, which would it be and why?

Probably One Piece. Would love nothing more than to go on an adventure with the Straw Hats although it’S probably not as fun as it sounds bc well..just look at them…so many wounds, battles, wars etc. but still…could be fun^^

5. What was the reason for the last time you cried or laughed?

Well,…the crying was the last time I was drunk and the person who tagged me @paradisebird was present so I’m not gonna go into that to much. Let’s just say…I got a lot of bad news that day in every aspect…and a bottle of vodka and a couple of beer got involved xD

Last time i laughed? I laugh a lot I’m generally a happy person…I guess now i would say when i wrote with again paradisebird just a couple of minutes ago.

6. What was one of your misconceptions when you were a kid/younger?

Well, only one thing comes to mind….I was once of the opinion that guys with a sister got it easy…they could just marry their sister when they were older…man I wished i to have a sister so I didn’t have to worry about that xD

7. A kind thing you did for someone else without being asked?

Well…I don’t know…there were probably a couple…but i don’t know if i have been “asked” to them or not…like coming to my best friends place when she had broken up with her ex in the middle of the night just because she couldn’t stay alone or sleep so I stayed there till she slept and then went home again..or something like that.

8. A kind thing someone has done for you without being asked?

Well, the only thing that comes to my mind are situation where i was vomiting because i drank to much(that happens sometimes mostly coupled with a bunch of bad news(which also happens sometimes xD), and my best friend(the male one this time xD) just sat with me on the toilet for hours and talked to me and just had fun while i was feeling really really bad.

9. A song that calmes you down when you’re sad, frustrated or angry?

Don’t have a specific song I guess…but depending on the mood it can range from death metal to classic to dubstep so…pretty open for that…with music I’m the same as with people…if i like it i like it, period. if it helps it helps.

10. What do you like most about tumblr?

well..all those crazy people are very entertaining and i like them a lot :D

11. Why did you follow me? ;)

well…I know you…and you are not to my disliking xD

AAAAND as i am a lazy lazy person i’m not gonna do any questions…good bye to all does bored people who actually read this xD..thanks for that.


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